For personal reasons (the biggest being important exams), I have decided to put this blog on hiatus. It will be down for a few months; I haven’t really decided how long for, but hopefully it will be back before the summer.

I’m not totally happy with this, as I love this website very much and have met great people from it, but there are other, more important things I need to be doing right now and unfournately I can’t afford to be staring at a screen for hours on end.

All my links in my sidebar still work and possibly my tag system will be improved while I’m not continually posting like before, but apart from that the blog will be inactive.

If anyone wants to contact me about keeping the blog going (although I doubt this), they can message me on my Twitter account here. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t unfollow me, as i promise I’ll return, but obviously i can’t force you to stay.

Until the next time, Tumblr.


posted 3 months ago @ 01 Jan 2014
xi actually am sorry about this xbut new year new changes xin a khaleesi voice i will return